Monday, January 16, 2012

The phrase "Mommy! I can breathe air through my nose!" was the portent, and my drinking an excess of beer outside in the balmy weather, and then getting up at 5AM this morning, was the foolhardy response. Never dismiss the heralds! Even if they come in the guise of an animated kindergartner with recently cleared nasal passages.

So I've got the cold my children had last week. They insist on kissing me on the face with reckless, careless affection, so it was just a matter of time, I guess. And I insisted on waking pre-dawn this morning to try and get my body clock adjusted to the 6AM gun time of the local marathon I'll be running on Sunday. CalTrans does not appreciate the Pacific Coast Highway to be shut down unnecessarily, so they insist on getting the race over with as quickly as possible. And the gods have insisted on SHOWERS for Sunday's forecast, so I'm a little miffed about it all. All this insisting is gonna get some pushback.

It was a lovely weekend all the same. Got a little bit of this done and a little bit of that done, but not a lot of anything, which is fine for the stress level. Still, I could use a list. I'd call it: TOP TEN THINGS THAT NEED TO BE DONE AROUND HERE BEFORE THE LOCAL POPULATION INCREASES, or something like that, but I doubt it would help. Things get added to the list before they get scratched off, and it all becomes too demoralizing. Then you start adding things like "Go to work", "Use toilet", "Have fun", and then no one takes the list seriously anymore, and you briefly consider writing "Ditch list" before you realize that no one will have time to appreciate the humor as you scratch that one off.

It's showering right now, so that answers the question of whether I was going to stay in the office and place that burdensome order or go out and rent that jackhammer. No, jackhammering in the rain with a clogged nostril does not sound fun. Nor does running 26.2 miles with the same, and here I signed up and paid for that one. Looking forward to crossing that off the list.

Cross the blog off the list, here too. That was a nice break. Back to work.